The battery-powered ultrasonic tank level gauge TecSonic “Wi-Fi“ and “mobile“ helps you to easily monitor the levels of various liquids.

The easy-to-install system comes with an battery inside and is – in combination with mytecalemit web software – a smart package for level control and optimization.

Perfect tank level monitoring – quick, easy, anytime!

Features & Benefits
  • Easy to install
  • Daily tank level readings
  • Stay ahead for tomorrow‘s product demand
  • Improve your logistics planning
  • Avoid critical low levels
  • Levels can be read through mytecalemit web portal software
  • Can be integrated with other HORN HDA/HDM tank systems
  • Maximum security of your online data
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
mytecalemit Cloud ready

Protection class: IP 67

Ambient temperature: -17 to +50°C

Product Options
Part NumberCommunicationConnecting threadMax. tank heightDimensionsWeight
225 800 100Wi-Fi2 in3 m109 x 109 x 108 mm227 g
225 800 200Mobile (cellular capability)1 ¼ in / 1 ½ in / 2 in4 m101 x 93 x 150 mm503 g

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