Level Probe options for tank heights up to 2m, 3m and 5m.

Level probes measure the liquid content of tanks and are compatible with Level Controller TS, Level Controller 4 and Fuel Management Systems.

Features & Benefits
  • Measure the liquid content of tanks
  • Secured with a protective tube
  • To avoid damage, level probe should stay fixed to one place when used
  • Able to be extended to a maximum length of 200 meters Specifications Safety Information

Max Cable Length: 200 m

Ambient temperature: 10 to 50 °C

Accuracy: ± 0.5 %

Protection Class: IP 68

Safety Information

Caution: Take time to secure your level probe in order to avoid damage during hi-flow filling operations. Probe extension cables to the ATG Level Controller Unit are available up to 650ft.

Product Options
Part NumberCommunication
224 010 000Level probe – tank height 2m, 5m cable
224 020 000Level probe – tank height 3m, 5m cable
224 050 000Level probe – tank height 5m, 7m cable
224 070 0001″ connection set for standard level probe

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