Patented self-priming hybrid pump for urea solution (AUS 32/DEF/AdBlue®).

The industry leading HORNET W 85 H INOX boast technology and performance and is intended for use in industries, factories, gas stations and similar facilities.

This electrical, true self-priming hybrid pump, has a robust reputation, incredible price to performance ratio, and a 20% higher flow rate than an other DEF pump on the market. It’s capable of handling large tank configurations.

Features & Benefits
  • Self priming
  • Stainless steel chamber/ pump casing
  • Low wear high performance
  • The device has been tested according to CE

Flow Rate: 48 l/min

Protection Class: IP 54

Current: 2.6 A

Power: 550 W

Voltage: 230/50 V/Hz

Drum Thread: 2 in Male

Suction Height: 4 m

Product Options
Part NumberDescription
UK 108 600 000HORNET W 85 H INOX pump

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