The HORNET W 50 II Electric vane pump is designed for diesel, gas oil (minimum flash point ≥ 55°C) and antifreeze (concentrate), used in industry, workshops, filling stations and similar sites.

This high quality pump with integrated siphon protection have a drum thread R 2″ and are supplied with a 1650 mm PVC intake hose with filter, a 4.0 m Perbunan discharge hose DN 19×4 and the approved-design automatic nozzle A2010 with a hose swivel joint.

Features & Benefits
  • Integrated anti-siphon protection
  • Drum thread 2″ Male
  • Also available in 12 v and 24 v versions
  • For diesel, heating oil EL/L, radiator antifreeze (concentrate)

Protection Class: IP 54

Current: 2.4 A

Power: 0.55 W

Voltage: 230/50 V/Hz

Drum Thread: 2 in Male

Suction Height: 4 m

Product Options
Part NumberDescriptionFlow Rate
UK 106 500 000HORNET W 50 II pump only55 l/min
UK 106 508 700HORNET W 50 Pump Kit with a A 2010 Nozzle55 l/min
UK 106 518 702HORNET W 50 Pump Kits with a A 2010 Nozzle and FMT 3 Flow Meter52 l/min
UK 106 618 744HORNET W 50 Pump Kits with a A 2010 Nozzle and Z 400 Flow Meter50 l/min

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