The HORNET W 40 electrical centrifugal pump is an electrically powered delivery pump specifically, for use with diesel and heating oil that has a flash point of over 55°C. It can also be used with radiator antifreeze (undiluted concentrate).

The high quality pump is equipped with a certified, automatically closing nozzle A 2010 or a ZP19 type nozzle. The automatic self-closing nozzle A2010 closes perfectly, when the tank to be filled is full, when the nozzle is held in a vertical position or when the nozzle falls to the ground with a fixed control lever.

To avoid environmental damage, the pump has been equipped with an anti-siphon safety feature and designed for low maintenance with low impact resistant plastic.

The integrated priming pump means that the pump is always and quickly ready for use. The priming pump allows additionally emergency operation for delivery of smallest rates of liquid in case of power failure.

Features & Benefits
  • Priming lever with integrated anti-syphon safety feature
  • ON/OFF key and indicator lamp
  • Motor and thermo switch protection
  • Drum thread M64 x 4 and 2″ Male
  • For diesel, heating oil EL/L, radiator antifreeze (concentrate)
  • Also available in 12 v and 24 v versions

Protection Class: IP 44

Current: 1.2 A

Power: 250 W

Voltage: 230/50 V/Hz

Drum Thread: M 64 x 4 & 2 in Male

Suction Height: 2 m

Product Options
Part NumberDescriptionFlow Rate
UK 104 420 000HORNET W 40 pump only
UK 104 428 700HORNET W 40 Pump Kit with a ZP 19 Nozzle38 l/min
UK 104 528 700HORNET W 40 Pump Kit with a A 2010 Nozzle32 l/min
UK 104 558 702HORNET W 40 Pump Kit with a A 2010 Nozzle and FMT 3 Flow Meter30 l/min

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