In order to meet the daily requirements in workshops and industry, technology is required which can withstand high loads and covers a wide range of applications. 

With the new generation of TecPump DP X6 pneumatically driven piston pumps, TECALEMIT provides a robust and energy-efficient solution which also covers a wide range of applications. Available with the transmission ratios 1:1, 3:1, and 5:1, the new product generation provides solutions to a wide range of problems.

Features & Benefits
  • Available with short suction tube for wall or console mounting or long suction tube for 60 l and 200 l containers
  • Pumping capacity up to 16 l/min
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Low noise
  • For high viscosity
  • Low air consumption

Viscosity Range: Max. 5000 mPa·s

Suction Pipe Diameter: 42 mm

Air Inlet: 1/4″ IG BSP

Pressure Port: 1/2″ AG BSP

Working Pressure: 6-8 bar

Air Consumption: 300 l/min

Product Options
Part NumberDescriptionRatioSuction Pipe LengthOutput
121 421 000TecPump DP 16 S1:1290 mmup to 16 l/min
121 421 100TecPump DP 16 D1:1940 mmup to 16 l/min
121 423 000TecPump DP 36 S3:1290 mmup to 13 l/min
121 423 100TecPump DP 36 D3:1940 mmup to 13 l/min
121 425 000TecPump DP 56 S5:1290 mmup to 15 l/min
121 425 100TecPump DP 56 D5:1940 mmup to 15 l/min

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