A range of pneumatically-driven piston pumps for barrels / drums up to 25 kg, 55 kg and 200 kg.

Lubricant is applied directly to the lubricating point out of the original container without needing to be filled into another receptacle. When the lubricating gun is activated, full pressure is achieved immediately with only a few strokes. All presses are equipped with a special grease pressure regulator that automatically limits the grease pressure. A reducing valve for pneumatic pressure is not required.

Features & Benefits
  • Range of pumps for barrels/drums up to 25 kg, 55 kg and 200 kg
  • For lubricants
  • With grease pressure regulator
  • Max. Grease consistence NLGI Class 3

Lifting Tube Diameter: 32 mm

Transmission ratio: 1 : 70

Grease Pressure: max. 400 bar

Air Pressure: 4 – 7 bar

Product Options
Part NumberDescriptionLifting Tube Length
013 301 002High pressure grease pump KAOLUB for 25 kg drums520 mm
013 340 013High pressure grease pump KAOLUB for 55 kg drums720 mm
013 341 013High pressure grease pump KAOLUB for 200 kg drums895 mm

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