HDM Manager 8 PC Data Software

TECALEMIT’s PC data software system, HD Manager 8, works in perfect harmony with the HDA. / HDM management systems.

The highly advanced HD Manager 8 incorporates many enhanced features enabling smooth management of your data.

Software systems available:

‘eco’ software
A basic software package that is downloadable from the TECALEMIT website that is supplied as standard throughout the range.

Features are:
• Multiple dispenser allocation
• Accepts data for 2000 Drivers and 2000 Vehicles
• Fuel reporting with MPG calculation
• Multiple data export facility including ECXEL
• Authorisation facility enabling lock out of drivers and vehicles.
• Automatic online check for free software upgrade.

Software upgrade options can be purchased for more advanced features.

233 500 440 – Full software.

Features include ‘eco’ software plus:
• Tank contents
• Delivery quantity
• External fuelling
• Report builder
• Analysis
• Groups
• Invoice
• Messages

233 500 441 – Server software.

Features include all full software for use on a company server where there are multiple sites requiring viewing of data at a centralised point.

• Can register up to 100 PC’s on to the software
• Allows 5 working PC’s to access data
• Requires Wi-Fi or GPRS interface for data download

Features & Benefits

  • Three software systems available.

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
233 500 440Full Software
233 500 441Server Software
'eco' SoftwareThis software is downloadable from the TECALEMIT website

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