Z400 Mechanical Flow Meter

Flow meter for streaming liquids according to the measurement principle of a swashplate.

The meter Z 400 is a mechanical meter with nutating disc. The nutating discs moved by the delivered medium and transmit the turning motion – in proportion to the liquid flow via a gear mechanism to the visual indicator mechanism.

Z400 Mechanical Flow Meter can be used with diesel, gas oil and antifreeze (concentrate).

Features & Benefits

  • For diesel, gas oil and antifreeze (concentrate)
  • Plastic/aluminium housing


  • Flow Rate20-120 l/min
  • Nominal Pressure3.5 bar
  • Bursting Pressure28 bar
  • Internal Screw Thread1 in
  • Subset Counter4 Digits - 18mm high
  • Total Counter8 Digits - 6mm high
  • Accuracy± 3 %
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)180 x 130 x 175 mm
  • Weight1.8 kg

Product Information

Part NumberDescriptionFlow Direction
253 010 100Z400↑ bottom to top
253 010 101Z400- Add-on kit for HORNET 50 II/80↑ bottom to top
253 010 102Z400↓ top to bottom
253 010 104Z400← right to left
253 010 105Z400→ left to right

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