Precise, Robust, Versatile

ONE meter for all

flow directions!

The NEW generation of FMT electronic flow meters from TECALEMIT impresses with its robust versatility for use with a wide range of liquids.

The FMT 3 Flow Rate Meter with illuminated digital display for streaming liquids utilizing the measurement principle of a turbine wheel counter is suitable for diesel/fuel oil, AdBlue®, radiator antifreeze and water.

The two-line LED display shows the current dispensation values and the total stored volume or 8 partial stored volumes. The display can be mounted to fit the viewing angle or moved about even after being installed.

The symmetric measurement chamber allows the device to be used with all flow directions. The measurement precision is better than ±1%, the nominal operating pressure is 10 bar, and the burst pressure is greater than 20 bar.

Features & Benefits
  • For use with a wide range of liquids such as fuel oil/ diesel, water, AdBlue®, and antifreeze.
  • Display can be rotated in 90⁰ increments.
  • Meter is freely rotatable after installation
  • Precise, robust, versatile
  • Freely rotatable after installation
  • Variable display orientation
  • Large, illuminated display
  • Precise measurements — less than ±1%
  • Shows flow rate
  • 6-digit display
  • Burst pressure of 20 bar


Flow Rate: 5-120 l/min

Nominal Pressure: 10 bar / 145 psi

Viscosity Range: 0.8 – 40 mPa.s

External Thread: 1 in

Partial stored volumes: 8

Measurement precision: ± 1% (after calibration)

Battery: 2 x 1.5 V AAA/LR03 batteries

Battery Life: approx. 5 years

Display: Two-line, LED-illuminated, 6-digit LCD display with a character height of 16 mm (main display)

Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C

Medium temperature: -10°C to +40°C

Suitable for use with: Diesel/fuel oil, radiator antifreeze, AdBlue® and water

Dimensions (W x D x H): 120 x 52 x 85 mm

Weight: 0.24kg

Product Options
Part NumberDescriptionFlow DirectionRetrofit Kit
253 591 006FMT 3 Electronic Flow MeterAll Directionsn/a
253 591 000FMT 3 Electronic Flow MeterAll Directionsfor HORNET W40
253 591 004FMT 3 Electronic Flow MeterAll Directionsfor HORNET W50/80
253 591 020FMT 3 Electronic Flow MeterAll Directionsfor HORNET W85 H

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