The design-approved Automatic Nozzle A 2015 is suitable HORNET W 80 and the HORNET W 85 H X.

The automatic nozzle A 2015 is a self-closing full hose nozzle for dispensing inflammable liquids with flash point below 21 °C, between 21 °C and 55°( as well as above 55 °C. Ready to use as there is no need for adjustment or lubrication be carried out.

The type A 2015 nozzles are moreover fitted with a 3-stage holding clip for the control lever and a spring around the outlet pipe to retain the latter in the tank filler pipe.

The state of the art manufactured nozzles are failsafe, the safety switching-off and covering protects against wear and cold conditions. The automatic nozzles of type A2015 are only certified for dispensing diesel fuel as per DIN EN 590 or DIN 51628, biodiesel (RME) as per DIN EN 14214 and heating oil EL as per DIN 51603-1.

Features & Benefits
  • For diesel, RME, gas oil and antifreeze (concentrate)
  • Automatic shut-off
  • With swivel joint

Outlet Nozzle Diameter: 30 mm

Inlet: 1 ” Female

Length: approx. 500 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Minimum operating pressure: 0.7 bar

Zero delivery pressure of the pump: max. 5 bar

Dispensing volume flow: 19 – 200 l/min

Product Options
Part NumberDescription
252 660 000Automatic Nozzle A 2015
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