A 2003-ES Automatic Nozzle

252 711 032

The design-approved A 2003-ES Automatic Nozzles are suitable for HORNET W 85 H INOX and urea solution (AUS 32/DEF/AdBlue®).

The A 2003-ES Automatic Nozzle are automatically-closing full hose nozzles for the dispensing of aqueous urea AUS32 as per ISO 22241. Ready to use as there is no need for adjustment or lubrication be carried out.

The type A 2003-ES nozzles are made of stainless steel with an outlet diameter of 19 mm.

The state of the art manufactured nozzles are failsafe, the safety switching-off and covering protects against wear and cold conditions. The nozzles have been tested in accordance with the DIN EN 13012 standard.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel
  • Automatic shut-off
  • With 3/4" male joint


  • Outlet Nozzle Diameter19 mm
  • Inlet3/4" male
  • Lengthapprox. 450 mm
  • Minimum operating pressure0.7
  • Weight1300 g
  • Zero delivery pressure of the pumpmax 3.5 bar
  • Min. Dispensing volume flow12 l/min
  • Max. Dispensing volume flow40 l/min

Product Information

Part NumberDescription
252 711 032A 2003-ES Automatic Nozzle

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