It is important to choose the right fuel management system to suit your requirements. TECALEMIT offers a full package to meet all budgets. Ranging from retrofit options using just USB data transfer to more complete systems using real-time GPRS communication.

  • Data Accuracy – The data can be recorded and viewed in real time, showing the exact driver, vehicle, fuelling amount, location and date/time of the transaction.
  • Fuel Savings – You will be able to see exactly where your fuel is going using detailed reports. This can help to assess how much fuel is required over a given time period in the future and see how much fuel vehicles should be using to help improve fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Security – In-depth identification options offer secure fuelling options. Both driver and vehicle identification are possible, meaning you can monitor any potential fuel theft and act if needed.

By choosing a TECALEMIT fuel management system you will have peace of mind when it comes to your fuelling requirements.