TECALEMIT’s best selling product

is now even more powerful

Fuel management expert TECALEMIT has completed its world-leading eco family of fuel dispensers with the HDM 100 eco for heavy duty fleets. 

Offering management for up to 2,000 drivers and 2,000 vehicles, this mighty new product extends the brand’s popular range which currently includes HDM 100 eco and  HDM 100 eco . 

Featuring a powerful vane pump, capable of delivering 100 l/min, the HDM 100 eco incorporates the larger A2015 automatic nozzle, which makes it ideal for larger fuel tanks on vehicles such as haulage vehicles, lorries and HGVs (it is not suitable for cars). 

Available as a free-standing unit or wall-mounted box, HDM 100 eco can be linked to the mytecalemit cloud-based software, enabling remote monitoring of fuel levels and drivers in multiple locations from a tablet, PC, mac or mobile. 

“The launch of the HDM 100 eco places us firmly ahead of the competition and gives a complete range for our diesel dispensers. This is an extremely powerful product for heavy duty applications, bringing enormous benefits for fleet managers. Investing in this product and linking it to our excellent mytecalemit software can make a huge impact on operations for small to medium-sized companies in terms of logistics planning.” 

Owen McCaughey, TECALEMIT’s Technical Sales Executive
Powerful new HDM 100 eco powers up TECALEMIT’s flagship range of diesel fuel dispensers
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