The newly developed electronic flow meter FMT 3 by TECALEMIT measures heating oil/diesel, water, radiator antifreeze, and AdBlue® and thanks to its symmetric measuring chamber is suited for all flow devices.

TECALEMIT 253591006 FMT 3 Flow Meter

Volumetric flow meters are needed to manage fluids in vehicles and machines. With the newly developed FMT 3, TECALEMIT introduces a meter for all flow directions and a variety of fluids to the market. It distinguishes itself from competitors through its flexibility and functional diversity. As the device is intended for reliable operation, it is especially robust and easy to use.

The FMT 3 can be implemented anywhere, where fluids must be controlled and where there are differing requirements for viscosity. The electronic flow meter functions according to the principle of a turbine meter and is suitable for measuring filling with heating oil/diesel, water, antifreeze and AdBlue®. The symmetric measuring chamber of the FMT 3 allows use for all flow directions.

“It is the simple functions that make the FMT 3 especially powerful and unique,”

Oliver Scheplitz, National Sales Manager for the HORNGROUP

Up to eight individual outlets can be managed independently with the FMT 3. The two-line LCD display with LED lighting shows the current dispensation values and the total stored volume or the eight partial stored volumes. The large, illuminated display is freely rotatable and can be adjusted in 90˚ increments to fit the viewing angle. The freely rotatable characteristic of the meter after installation is also unique for the market – this is achieved by the technical separation of the measuring tube and the electronic component. The measurement precision of the new FMT 3 is better than +/- 1 %; the initial calibration of the device can be completed with just a few simple steps.

Examples of use for the FMT 3:

  • Company gas stations, among others for forwarding agencies and in agriculture
  • Mobile tank facilities on construction sites
  • Motor vehicle garages and other workshops (filling and emptying of liquids)
FMT 3 an electronic volumetric flow meter with a unique range of functions

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