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TECALEMIT is a well-known brand name in the global market as a pioneer in lubrication solutions and fuel dispensing technology – mainly for diesel fuel, oil, grease, lubricants and AdBlue®.

The TECALEMIT portfolio includes pumps, fluid handling products, fuel dispensing (including AdBlue®) along with other associated workshop equipment.

TECALEMIT has over 100 years of experience of being a premium manufacturer of equipment that is rugged, reliable, easy to use and cost effective; who are proud of their “Made in Germany” heritage. In addition to standard, off the shelf products, TECALEMIT develops customer solutions tailored for unique applications. Full technical, marketing and after sales support give you the confidence that you have the best products and services available.

Company History


The origin of DEUTSCHE TECALEMIT goes back to the year 1910 when Metallwerke Windelsbleiche was founded.


DEUTSCHE TECALEMIT was added as a subsidiary in 1932 with the international brand TECALEMIT. The company gained international reputation through design, manufacture, and supply of a comprehensive range of vehicle servicing equipment for motorcycle, car and commercial vehicle workshops, plant and machinery maintenance.


In the year 2000, HORN GmbH & Co. KG acquired DEUTSCHE TECALEMIT including all patents and trademarks and has successfully integrated their product range into its own portfolio. HORN has been, for more than seven decades, a well-known brand name on the world market as a specialist for for dispensing technology – mainly for diesel, fuel oil and lubricants.

HORN belongs to the SDAX listed INDUS Holding AG group of companies.


2011 was an important year for the internationalisation of the TECALEMIT brand with the foundation of TECALEMIT Inc. in the US market and the acquisition of Pneumatic Components Ltd strengthening the TECALEMIT brand in the UK market.


The HORNGROUP unites companies that offer products and services related to filling and exchanging fuels, gases and other media.

The focal points of the range of services of the currently connected brands are TECALEMIT and PCL.

They are active in the fields of tank systems, pumps, instrumentation, tyre inflators, air pressure equipment and high pressure connections. They complement in terms of product, market presence and market access. More significant potentials arise in the areas of development, purchasing and production optimisation.

The HORNGROUP bundles expertise and strengthens synergies between the companies involved to provide greater market penetration. For their customers, the merger into the HORNGROUP offers them the advantage of complementary skills from one source.

To find out more about the HORNGROUP and the companies within it, visit their website:

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